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We act as "Middle Man" and introduce the Main Dealer to buy from. Overstocked Main Agents usually sell at cost - sometimes below cost (so you get a great deal). Whatever price we negotiate an Approved Used Car is one that's been through the Manufacturer's stringent preparation process - and typically has better warranty protection than a new car. Sometimes, we can negotiate extras too such as a free service - even within the reduced selling price. Obviously, a used car will have a shorter warranty than new (by a few months), but this can usually be extended at the point of purchase by 1 to 5 years (ask for a quote). One factor in getting a big Used Car Discount is timing - try to make your purchase near the end of the month or quarter (when managers have to "tidy up" their forecourts and control stock levels). Different makes and models depreciate at different rates - so if you are looking for the best possible saving (vs the new car discount price), be flexible on the model and specification (similar models can be thousands cheaper to buy). The cheapest way to finance your Approved Used Car is usually a Personal Loan (search Google or call your bank/ card company). At the time of writing, the target rate is 3% APR. By the way, ask us about our Special Discounts on Main Agent servicing bills (Typical Savings 25%-33%)!

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