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A Personal Loan is provided to salaried or sometimes self-employed and retired individuals for personal use (such as buying a new car), often on an unsecured basis. Repayments are fixed monthly installments, which you can calculate online (search for "Personal Loan Calculator"). No mortgage of assets or guarantee is required for personal loan - you qualify or you don't. Online personal loans are offered by many sources, there's minimal paperwork and verification time required - so a personal loan is quick and simple to arrange (once approved, you receive the funds usually within a few days). One BIG advantage is that buying with a Personal Loan means you own your car outright from day one - no one can take it away. Another advantage is that you can change the car when YOU choose - not when the lender stipulates. A third benefit is that you can end (repay) the loan anytime YOU choose - there are no penaties or extra interest to pay. Many people take out a five year loan as this keeps the payments down (eg: £12000 over 5 years costs £200 per month plus 3.9% APR). Lastly, when you come to change your car (assuming you've completed the repayments), any cash you sell it for is YOUR MONEY (there's no final balloon payment to find). Ask us about our Special Discounts on Main Agent servicing bills (Typical Savings 25%-33%)!

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