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Almost every day, we receive emails from Main Dealers - with Hot Car Deals and Special Offers. These are usually models that have been slower to sell than expected or where there's been a cancelled order. Many customers ask us for the cheapest price for their specific choice of model and optional extras - which is fine with us - we're always happy to quote for that; but here's something else you could consider asking us: "What similar models have EXTRA discount at the moment"? We always have a "Hit List" of further reduced cars - these models could be classed as "Very Cheap" or a "No Brainer" by comparison. Sometimes it's a lease or PCP deal, other times it's an all cash (or loan) purchase - but we often shock customers who have no idea that such "last minute" reductions such as this are possible. For the latest Hit List, just SMS "callme" to (07956) 200000 or Call (0207) 175 0924 (dealers usually forbid us sending a Hit List by email, so calling us is best). By the way, ask us about our Special Discounts on Main Agent servicing bills (Typical Savings 25%-33%)!

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