New Car Leasing

PCH Personal Contract Hire Leasing Deals

Diesel vs Petrol vs Hybrid - with so much uncertainty over fuel, we'd suggest you consider a Personal or Business Lease (which is effectively long term Car Hire - you hand it back at the end). Cheap car leasing is a convenient and low-cost way to drive a brand new car - for a fixed period - knowing there's no risk of rising depreciation (if the value falls more than expected, any loss is suffered by the leasing company - not by you)! Some makes and models work better than others on Lease Hire, so try to be open minded about what you choose. Special Leasing Offers come up almost daily - but sell out quickly when they are cheap (so phone for the latest Hot Lease Deals list). Car Leasing always includes free Road Tax (VED) for the whole period - and collection/ delivery is always included too. If you are concerned about the cost of repairing any scuffs or dings at the end, ask us about insurance that covers it (costs a few pounds per month). We have also negotiated a discount on your Main Agent service bill (typically 25%-30% off). Usually you'll only need one service in 2 years. So if you could be tempted with a crazy low monthly cost, phone us to see what we've been offered - it might just surprise you! By the way, ask us about our Special Discounts on Main Agent servicing bills (Typical Savings 25%-33%)!

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